LATEST NEWSDiamond J Ranch Mentoring

Diamond J Ranch doesn’t just train riders; we mentor them!

Our approach to horsemanship is about so much more than just repetition and drills.

We believe that teaching people to ride and care for horses is an opportunity to impart valuable life lessons that go far beyond the saddle. We are a Christian & women-owned business. We strive to develop relationships with our riders and push them reach their goals.

When you train with us, you’re not just learning techniques – you’re developing an emotional connection with your equestrian companion. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every aspect of horse care, from grooming and feeding to preventative healthcare and proper stabling. We want our riders to become true partners with their horses, whether they’re trail riding or competing in rodeo events like barrel racing and pole bending.

Diamond J Ranch Faith Based

Our matriarch is a champion in her own right, and she pours that same passion and expertise into mentoring each and every one of our students. We don’t just teach the basics – by forging faith-based relationships with our students, we help them reach new heights, both in the arena and in life. Contact us today for a tour of our beautiful boarding and training facility. Join the Diamond J Ranch family and let us show you what true horsemanship and our family is all about!