LATEST NEWSDiamond J Ranch Feeding Management

At Diamond J Ranch, we understand the importance of compassionate and attentive feeding management for the well-being of our equine companions.

Horses are naturally predisposed to colic and founder, and poor feeding practices can significantly increase these risks. A horse’s digestive system is designed for them to eat several small meals throughout the day. Horses can eat up to 16 hours per day. Our staff carefully monitors AM & PM feeding to make sure your horse is getting the most out of their daily diet.
Diamond J Ranch Waterers

We make it a priority to monitor our horses’ water intake closely, ensuring they always have access to fresh, palatable water and all waterers are functioning properly. Providing a forage-based ration is essential, as it minimizes the stress-related behaviors that can arise from improper feeding and encourages horses to increase water intake and stay hydrated. Properly formulated and monitored grain mixes add balance and value to forages.

Hay and feed delivery is available at Diamond J Ranch. It is an integral part of good nutrition and allows us to carefully monitor each horse’s intake and maintain a balanced diet. We know that monitoring intake and maintaining a proper nutritional balance is essential for the long-term health and happiness of our beloved equine family. A horse should not intake more than 3-3.5% of its body weight daily.

Diamond J Ranch Nutrition

At Diamond J Ranch, we treat each horse with the compassion and care they deserve, tailoring our feeding management practices to their individual needs. We are committed to creating an environment where our horses can thrive, free from the risks associated with poor feeding habits. Our knowledge of horse nutrition is vast and we oversee diet management to help you achieve the goals you have set for your horse’s health and physique. Contact us to schedule a tour of our ranch and boarding facilities.